Tourist Places Around Bangalore

The  Best  tourist  places around  Bangalore



Nandi Hill



Nandi Hills has been a weekend picnic place for young enthusiasts . Nandi Hills was called Ananda Giri, it meances The Hill of Happiness.On top of the hill Yoga Nandeeshwara temple is situated ,the hill resembles a sleeping bull (Nandi). A beautiful water lake Amruth Sarovar that brims with lucid water all the year round. Nandi Hills is the most popular picnic spot it offers a surprise of breathtaking scenic beauty and excellent climatic condition. It is also called as Nandidurga.From Bangalore to Nandi hill distance is approximately less than 70 km.One of the most attractive and more peoples were coming to the picnic, around Bangalore Tourist Places. 










Kotilingeswara Temple





The Lord Shiva(Shiva Linga) Temple the Main Attractions in Kotilingeshwara is The largest Linga in Asia that stands 108 feet (33 m) tall & there is a huge Nandi which is 35 feet (11 m) tall.The project involves an establishment of one crore shivalingas hence it is named Kotilingeshwara and currently, there are about a hundred lakh shivalingas. The temple is in Kolar(the gold fields).During the festival of Mahashivaratri temple remains crowded. It is located on Kammasandra village at a distance of 100 kms from Bangalore,the most interesting and attractive tourist place around Bangalore.



Pyramid Valley



The world’s largest meditation, pyramid Meditation done inside a pyramid or underneath it is called Pyramid Meditation. “And it is thrice more powerful than normal meditation,”Pyramids help reduce the level of stress and tension in the physical a new landmark, and an impressive one.It is located at Maitreya-Buddha Vishwalayam, Kanakapura Road, Kebbedoddi Village,  Ramanagar,  it’s approximately 35 km from Bangalore.


Dodda Alada Mara – Big Banyan Tree




 Dodda Alada Mara is the largest tree in Karnataka and the second largest in India. A single Banyan tree that has spread over 3 acres of land.It is 400 years old tree, Manchinabele dam and Mukti Naga temple are the nearby attractions of Dodda Alada mara. Mukti Naga temple is the world’s largest monolithic statue of Lord Naaga. Distance from Bangalore to Dodda Alada Mara is 25 km.This is the most popular tourist place around Bangalore. 


Muthyalamaduvu Waterfall – Pearl Veally





Muthyalamaduvu the drops of falling water is appear like drops of pearl.In Kannada language the meaning of  Muthyalamaduvu is Muthu = Pearl, Maduvu = valley ‘The Pearl Valley’.   There is a attractive Shiva temple here called Muthyala Ishvara temple. Winter & Monsoon season is perfect time to visit Muthyalamaduvu. From Bangalore to Muthyalamaduvu fall is 43 km,  nearest waterfall around Bangalore ,It’s a ‘perfect picnic spot & peaceful place’ around Bangalore.

Savanadurga Hill




The Savandurga hills,one of the biggest monoliths in India.The River Arkavathi passes near the hills. The Veerabhadreshwara Swamy temple and The Narasimha Swamy temple located at the foothills of the Savandurga. The Savandurga Fort is situated on the twin hills of Karigudda and Biligudda,in Kannada language Karigudda menace black hill Biligudda menace white hill.The other adventure sports associated with these hills are Rock climbing and cave exploration.The hill is 60 km from West of Bangalore.The Savandurga hills are a trekkers paradise,and one of the most tourist place around Bangalore.




Mekedatu is at a distance of 4Kms from Sangam. Sangama is the confluence of two rivers – Arkavathi and Kaveri (Cauvery)You must cross the river at sangam in order to visit mekedatu.In Kannada language Mekedatu meance meke=Goat,Datu=Jump, the river flows within the distance which can be jumped by a goat. Hence the place called as Mekedatu. The river Cauvery is a gorgeous rocky place with water falls.A  thick forest has  beautiful birds sarounded by the area. Totally the place is a Beauty of Nature and the best tourist place around Bangalore.

Bhoganandishwara  temple

The temple was built in the 9th century, Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the Arunachaleshwara, the Uma Maheshwara and the Bhoga Nandeeshwara temples are the three houses of this temple. These temples are represent as for Arunachaleshwara is said to represent the childhood of Shiva, Bhoga Nandeeshwara the Youth, and Yoga Nandeeshwara on the Hill top, the final renunciation stage.The Uma Maheswara temple depicts the wedding scenes between Shiva and Parvati,

The Arunachaleshwara temple,has a Lord Ganesha temple and a Nandi idol is in front of the temple.The Uma Maheshwara Temple has a Kalyana Mandapa(marriage hall) is surrounded by four pillars each of which have a divine couple depicted on them – Shiva and Parvati, Brahma and Saraswathi, Vishnu and Lakshmi and Agni Deva and Swaha Devi.The Bhoga Nandeeshwara has the more attractive and majestic Shiva Linga in the Sanctum. Shringi Theertha is the temple pond(Kalyani). This pond is held to be the source of the South Pinakini (South Pennar) river.This temple is situated at the foothills of Nandi Hills. Nandi Hill the famous tourist spot around Bangalore.





It is a very old temple, one of the popular pilgrim centers The Pushya Suddha Shasti is one of the biggest festivals in this temple as this day is believed to be the birthday of Lord Subramanya.

Ghati Subramanya Temple is known for Naga Kshetra(Snake Cobra),behind the temple, they are so many Naga Pratistha statues are found. Devotees are prayers to Lord Subramanya and pour milk in the anthill located which is right opposite to the temple.The temple is famous for Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Poojas,Naga Pratistha, kuja Dosha Nivarana Poojas. The uniqueness of the temple is, Sri Subrahmanya is facing east and Sri Lakshmi Narasimha is facing west in a single image. Ghati Subramanya  temple is also one of the most popular tourist places around Bangalore .    

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